Firmness Guide

MSCFUN toys are available in three firmness-Soft, Medium, and Hard, to suit every taste and preference.(The choice of firmness depends on the model of toy you purchased. You can check the toy's product page to see if it supports this option.)

Soft: 5 Firmness, Elastic, Soft, Easy to compress 

Medium: 7 Firmness, Between soft and firm, with a muscular feel 

Hard: 9 Firmness, Quickly rebounds, obvious muscle tenacity

"Soft" (5 Firmness) is the most yielding firmness level of the MSCFUN toys. It compresses and bends easily, and it is difficult for a slender shaft toy of this firmness to stay upright.

"Medium" (7 Firmness) is more difficult to compress than 5 firmness. Toys of this firmness do not bend as much, most models are more stable than the soft ones, but some top-heavy models still struggle to stand.

"Hard" (9 Firmness) is the hardest firmness level of MSCFUN toys, and the toys with 9 firmness are the most difficult to compress. It springs back to its original shape very quickly when released.

The larger the size of the toy, the harder it is to show its firmness. A tiny toy will always feel softer than a larger one for the same firmness. Vice versa, the smaller the size of the toy, the softer it will feel.
To a large extent, which firmness is most comfortable for you depends on your preference.
Also, The toys are stretchy. They can be bent in any direction. Even in HARD firmness, it's possible to bend the tip touches the bottom of the base!

Note: Some toys cannot customize firmness due to their shape.

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