What's an onahole? What are the types of onahole?

What's an onahole? What are the types of onahole?

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What is an onahole?

Onahole, often shortened to Onaho, is a combination of the two Japanese words; Onani (originally a German word) which translates to “masturbation” and Hole which is borrowed from the English word “hole,” so basically “masturbation hole.” Onahole is the Japanese Word for Masturbator, Pocket Pussy, Pocket Vagina, Artificial Vagina or whatever Masturbator for Men are called in your language. In recent years the popularity of Onahole's has greatly increased worldwide and today people refer to “Masturbator for Men” that come from Japan simply as Onahole or Onaho.


What are the types of onahole?

From the body parts can be divided into: Vagina Onaholes, Mouth Onaholes, Ass Onaholes, Non-Penetrative - Breast Onaholes, Two-handed / Hip Onaholes and so on.
But today we are talking about another kind of fantasy onahole.

What is fantasy onahole?

A "fantasy onahole" is a variation of this type of sex toy that is designed with a specific theme or fantasy in mind. These themes can vary widely, and they might include various textures, shapes, and designs intended to enhance the user's sexual experience. Fantasy onaholes can be inspired by different fantasies or fetishes, such as those related to certain anime characters, mythical creatures, or other imaginative scenarios.

What are the advantages of fantasy onahole?

1.Enhanced Fantasy and Imagination: Fantasy onaholes are designed with specific themes or fantasies in mind, which can help users explore and engage with their unique sexual fantasies in a safe and controlled way. This can add an element of excitement and novelty to one's sexual experiences.

2.Varied Sensations: These products often come with intricate textures and designs that can provide varied sensations compared to a standard onahole, making the experience more interesting and enjoyable for some users.

3.Novelty and Collectibility: Some fantasy onaholes are inspired by popular anime or fantasy characters, and users may appreciate the novelty and collectible aspect of owning a product based on their favorite characters or themes.

4.Increased Arousal: The specific fantasy or theme associated with a fantasy onahole can help users become more aroused and engaged in their sexual experiences, which can lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling experience.

5.Customization: Some fantasy onaholes may allow for customization in terms of tightness, texture, and other features, enabling users to find a product that best suits their preferences.

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