How to clean sex toys?

How to clean sex toys?

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First what sex toy material can you clean?

You can, and probably should, think about how you're going to clean a new toy even before purchasing one. Look for nonporous material, such as silicone, because a porous sex toy is more likely to hold harmful bacteria.

Here are a few examples of what kind of porous material you might find in a sex toy: hard plastic, elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer (TPR), or jelly rubber. Since these materials can hold bacteria even after they've been cleaned, Mintz recommends toys using medical-grade materials such as medical-grade silicone.

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One of the advantages of silicone sex toys is that they are easy to clean properly because silicone is not porous, so bacteria can remain on the surface. Submerging silicone toys in water will not damage them (unless the toy has electronic components that are not waterproof).

Usually, good old-fashioned soap and hot water are sufficient.

If you use the toy anally and/or share it with anyone, it is best to sterilize it. Silicone is extremely heat resistant, so you can immerse it in boiling water for a few minutes. You can also sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution.

Bleach and spray bottles (or other bleach solution containers): boiling and bleaching will kill most (but not all) pathogens on toys. Dishwashers: Make sure your dishwasher provides the proper sanitizing settings. Otherwise, you're better off boiling or bleaching your toys. You can also get antibacterial cleaning solutions specifically designed for sex toys (although boiling water is much cheaper).

Be careful with sex toys that use batteries, as many of them should not be submerged in water.For regular silicone sex toys, you can also put them in boiling water.

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