What is an ovipositor Toy?

What is an ovipositor Toy?

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The Secret of the Ovipositor

Imagine a horrible monster not only defiling - defiling your body, but also burying its evil seed deep inside you.

ovipositor Toy
You fight to extricate this unwelcome guest, but in vain, you can only keep contracting your lower body, torn between the extreme pleasure of distension and the sob of shame ......

The Skeleton Worm is an alien creature from a fallen planet with spirally arranged sarcomas and sharp-toothed tentacles, but don't be afraid, it has a soft texture and all the bumps and bruises will give you plenty of pleasure.
The Skeleton is the most compact of the spawners, with a length of 14.6cm, a usable length of 12.7cm, a thickness of 4.1cm, and contains eggs that are 4.8cm thick, and you can put in up to 3 small sized eggs at a time.

The G'lorp comes from a nightmarish parallel dimension where it reproduces by ovulating to humans, its flailing tentacles constantly stimulating the sensitive points of the receptor, causing them to let their guard down in pleasure and increasing the fertilization rate.
G'lorp has a total length of 31.1cm, a usable length of 28.6cm, a thickness of 4.8cm, and contains eggs that are 8.3cm thick, and can be inserted into 4 standard-sized eggs or 2 large-sized eggs at a time, and needs to be used in conjunction with a booster.

Hailing from a desert-covered planet, the brugos looks like a lizard but relies on parasitizing its eggs on other creatures to reproduce. Brogoth's ovipositor tubes are covered in sarcomatous lumps and ridged textures, and the base connects to its scale-covered flesh.
Brogoth has a total length of 18.4cm, a usable length of 15.2cm, a thickness of 4.4cm, and contains eggs that are 7.3cm thick, and can hold 1 standard-sized egg at a time, and needs to be used in conjunction with a booster.

Many people will ask us: what if the eggs don't come out?

Gelatin eggs melt with heat, and they melt quite quickly, so you don't have to worry that the eggs won't be able to be discharged, and as the eggs get smaller and smaller, the sticky texture will provide lubrication. Even if there are special circumstances that really can't be discharged, it will melt completely, as long as you pay attention to clean up afterward~.

So, how do you use a spawning kit?
The accessory booster that I've been mentioning is this thing ↓

Its function is very simple, it is to push the eggs, you can use a chopstick to push the eggs, but it will poke the eggs bad, the booster is specially designed with a round bottom bracket, which can insulate the heat and won't damage the shape of the eggs.
The steps to use the spawner are: place the spawner inside the body, insert the egg into the spawner, and push the egg inward with the base of the booster until the egg is completely inside the body.
If you are experiencing the spawner with your partner, then you can let your partner push the first egg in with the next egg, but if you are using it for yourself, the booster is an essential little helper that protects the egg from damage and is easy to use~

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