10 common sexual fantasies for women, how many have you had?

10 common sexual fantasies for women, how many have you had?

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TOP1: Sexual fantasies about real partners

Women and men, the first will be their own reality sex partner as the object of sexual fantasy, fantasy and bed lover in the way they can imagine to make love. The reason for this is simple: in addition to emotional factors, it is also because all kinds of sexual fantasies are most likely  to be realized only in the physical body that is within reach. Facts have proved that this kind of sexual fantasy is usually easier to stimulate the pleasure of love between lovers, is not bored with each other.

TOP2: Fantasize about having sex with another man

For women, they usually fantasize about with an old lover. Many women have such a thought, then suspect that they are sexually frigid, or have feelings of guilt for each other. Therefore, once they have such "insincere" thoughts, they begin to blame themselves and restrain themselves. Psychological questionnaire results show that almost all women, even when making love with the most exciting men, have more or less experienced this kind of "fantasy" about the old lover.

The types of fantasies about having sex with another man are: the object of the fantasy is usually the type of man who "could have, but couldn't," either for moral reasons or for other regrettable reasons (such as disability, AIDS, or geographic remoteness) that would prevent the realization of the relationship. Of course, a woman should resist the idea of "making love to all the men she likes," but a fleeting "off-the-wall fantasy" does not mean cheating on or being sexually frigid with her partner.

Then there is a type of fantasy and "unattainable" men to make love, they are usually public celebrities, this is out of a "star worship" mentality, common with young girls and young women. There is also a class of fantasy objects for the "general object", such as muscular phallus large heterosexual, savage behavior rough criminals, or skin childish fluttering teenagers, these fantasy objects can be more than ordinary people more likely to arouse the sexual desire of women.

TOP3: Fantasy sex with another woman

More girls than men fantasize about having sex with the same sex, probably because it's more socially acceptable for women to have sex with each other than with men, and fewer people worry about being gay. The object of the fantasy is usually a strange woman, but they are able to visualize exactly what will happen between them.

Top 4: Fantasizing about new ways to have sex

This can also cause many "good girls" to feel guilty about being "inappropriate" or afraid that their partners will be offended or suspicious. But they all know, even if only in the mind interpretation, the pleasure will be similar to the real love. For those women who are open-minded and sexually free, they like to indulge in fantasies all the time, but after fantasizing, the expectation of a real experience is weakened. Such fantasies include "sweet love", group sex for the sole purpose of sexual fulfillment, and voyeurism. The most common fantasy is public debauchery. This is not only to stimulate the sexual desire of the partner, but also for their own satisfaction.

TOP 5: Fantasies of men giving themselves oral sex

For many women, oral sex - I'm afraid - is one of the most common and exciting (and for some even the only) way of indulgence, so it is not difficult to understand that oral sex is a common form of fantasy for almost all women. The man in a woman's fantasy must be a strong, handsome, tall, sexy man who not only fulfills her particular desires by performing oral sex out of love, but also a man who shows high levels of passion, sucks her off for hours, and is a slave to her desires. ...... Thumping heartbeats, rushed breaths, and tense muscles ...... man smears honey, ice cream, strawberries, cream, or flowers on the woman ...... Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of women can only keep this desire in their sexual dreams.

TOP6: Romantic Sexual Fantasies

Almost all women will not hesitate to admit this, because it is in all kinds of "sexual fantasy" in the most acceptable, the most easy to talk about a kind. If a woman says: "I dream that I make love to a handsome man on a sunny beach in the tropics", it is certainly more feminine than "I dream of sucking a strong policeman's dick". Subtle women dream more in the seaside, mountains, ancient castles, manor, in the shade, on the boat, under the sun or in the moonlight ...... scene is different, the language of expression is different, but in a large number of questionnaires, almost no woman denied that they have had this or that romantic sexual fantasies.

TOP7: Being "raped" sexual fantasies

A lot of women have fantasized about being raped "safely", which may make some people think it is funny, unbelievable, or too far from reality. Women who mentally envision being "raped" only concentrate their fantasies on the form of sexual intercourse, forced, intense, and rapid. ...... For "good girls", they rarely fantasize about being "raped". For "good girls", they rarely fantasize about the physical pain of being "raped". In fact, such "rape fantasies" are far removed from actual criminal "rape". In other words, sexual rape fantasies are just women's fantasies of being "playfully" raped like a cute doll by an imaginary man, and do not imply real violence.

At the other end of the spectrum, some women tend to fantasize about being "raped by a rough man," and the relationship between her and the envisioned man is often imagined to be as cold as a court case or a business negotiation. The reason why such fantasies are so seductive is that such fantasies are more likely to make women feel that the object of their fantasies "really exists".

Top 8: men obsessed with the fantasy

Almost all women will fantasize that they are a beautiful and outstanding, slender, sexy and lovely, charming women, fantasize that there are a large group of men around their own compliments, attentive, and they are "in control of their own", "control of men", "control of the situation", "control", "control", "control", "control", "control", "control", "control", "control", "control", "control", "control". "Control of the situation", always their "gift" of an excellent man close to ...... This fantasy is too common, because which woman does not want to have as many men to fall under their own The most important thing is that you should be able to get the most out of your life, and you should be able to do so.

Top 9: The fantasy of being a whore

This is a very embarrassing to say "sexual fantasy", most women are shy in sex, about "sex for money" sexual fantasy can help them dispel this "social" shyness. Most women are sexually shy during sex, and fantasizing about "sex for money" can help them overcome this "social" shyness and inspire their subconscious true sexual desires in their fantasies. What is the reason for this? Because "obligatory sex" contains more emotional and moral factors, which more or less cover up or repress the "original desire", that is, if a man pays money for sex, then a woman can benefit from this "original desire" to some extent, from this "original desire". If the man pays for sex, then the woman can, to a certain extent, be temporarily released from this "spiritual bondage".

There is another reason, men pay, will inevitably pick beautiful, sexy, sexually strong women, that their charm is so great that men would like to pay to have sex with them; There is another reason, is that the woman through this imagination, from a certain degree of arousal of their sense of crime, this abnormal state of mind, can be aroused by their flesh, to stimulate their sexuality, but also can meet their "sexual violence". To satisfy their "sexual violence" mentality.

TOP10: about a strange man's sexual fantasy

In real life, this kind of sex is seldom successful, however, this kind of fantasy scene will stimulate a woman's strong passion. Usually, for many women, the reality, repetitive, the object of a single sex more or less back to boring, lack of novelty, and about the strange man's imagination, it increases the meaning of "pure sexual desire", they imagine the object is "no face of the man They imagine "faceless men" who attack her from behind, which she cannot see, but only feels. Mystery is the value of this fantasy.

All women who have rich sexual fantasies are easy to be provoked, the so-called sexy, not only out of the appearance of charming, but also out of the mind of the ability to sex fantasy. In fact, the definition of a sexy woman and a sexy man are the same. One truth is that a person who lacks sexual fantasies is someone who has a dull, uninteresting life.

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